Technical architecture is the design and documentation of a software application.

What we do

At IMAC iT we understand the importance in the architecture of software as well as the development. With access to employees and partners who are experts in the field of application design and architecture, IMAC iT provide our clients with a well-planned and cost effective blueprint schematic for the developers before any modifications or developments are made to an application..

With experts in Java, C# and C++ in a range of development environments we are sure to have the right solution to match your business needs.

Benefits of IMAC iT

  • Access to professionals and experts in the Technical Architecture sector
  • Cost effective and fast delivered schematics
  • Ability to update designs at any stage to ensure the application meets your specific needs
  • Not only do we look at the Technical aspect of your applications, we may also review the hardware aspect at no extra charge ensuring all areas are covered for your business to run smoothly
  • Our services cover all areas of the application development, so you can concentrate on what matters most, your Business, while we ensure your needs are met with our “One Team, One Vision” goal.

For advice or more information about our Technical Architecture services, please get in contact and we can arrange an appointment.