Application Development

Would a custom application increase your productivity, but you don’t have the time or resources to develop it?

Or maybe you are looking for an application to help enhance your day to day business needs…

At IMAC iT Solutions, we offer a fast, professional and cost effective solution to all your business software requirements.

Our primary aims are to achieving your goals and meeting the expectations you have for your new applications. We listen to our customers and put a real effort into understanding their ideas before quoting a price and a timeline for development.

We follow 5 simple guidelines to help you through an almost seamless and hiccup-free application development.

1) Fully Understanding the requirements – At IMAC iT we are sure to look before we leap and leave no stone unturned. With over 30 years’ experience in the development industry we take care to break the project down into detailed specifications which will be documented with wireframes to make the job of development easier and smoother.

2) Agile Development – This development approach will keep the costs of development down as well as maintaining a constant relationship with our customers. At IMAC iT we maintain the “One Team, One Vision” moto right across all our services.

3)Timeline Breakdowns – We will establish a detailed timeline and a set of deadlines with our clients to ensure their costs are being reduced as much as possible as well as managing the expectations.

4) Regular Builds – Part of effective management of any project, let alone app development, is constant review of the effort to ensure the project is on the right track and is not deviating from your expectation of a completed feature/module. Our developers at IMAC iT, depending on the nature of the project, will strive to give our clients a build at specific intervals to enable the client to test any modules or features created.

5) Collaboration – This is the last and most vital step we take when working on a project. We will work with our clients as closely as possible to build a bond and trust that will see any project succeed no matter what. Constant contact with the developers and the client will be monitored and maintained to ensure that the quality our clients expect is being delivered.

Our application development services include:

  • Java development
  • Web applications
  • C++
  • C#
  • EPOS Software solutions
  • Stock management solutions

For advice or more information about our Application Development services, please get in contact and we can arrange an appointment.